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Checked! @ thrift stores – Orlando Sentinel

I’m ticked except that I can’t get any information from Orange County on hurricane preparedness. I try to be well prepared in case of a severe thunderstorm and would like to know where the nearest shelter is located and the protocols for accessing a shelter. The only thing I can find online is a phone number to call. Turns out it’s the Orange County 311 call center. The person there told me they had no information about the problem and referred me to the Orange County Emergency Management Office. I called there and got a recording directing me to the 311 call center. So much for helping a senior take personal responsibility for their own safety.

I’m ticked that the thrift stores that get their merchandise for free have raised their prices so high. Stores paying their employees may have increased to cover wages due to the minimum wage increase. Or because they have to remain competitive in the job market. But even thrift stores that have volunteers running the stores are expensive. Shame on all of you for jumping on the price gouging boat.

I’m tired and annoyed by the loud-mouthed yahoos who attend PGA events and shout “get in the hole” with every tee shot, chip and putt. Now the idiots also want to shout political talk. Networks, please remove the microphone.

I’m ticked as it was another weekend filled with traffic related deaths and I didn’t see a single person get a ticket all weekend. Where is the app?

I’m ticked that a huge grocery chain doesn’t give its dedicated, hard-working employees a discount on every purchase they make. Yet their profits amounted to billions! Some of it comes from the very small sour plums at $2.99 ​​a pound that I bought there.

On this Memorial Day, thank all those who died for our freedom. Their service and sacrifice will never be forgotten. They are the reason we are free.