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Chicago Med season 8, episode 7: What’s up with Hannah and Will?

Chicago MediterraneanDr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) have a story of willpower like no other.

From the moment Will and Hannah met in Season 5, there was an instant connection and instant complications. While their relationship was full of passion, it only replaced Hannah’s relationship with drugs, forcing their eventual separation. Hannah left the hospital to work on her sobriety, leaving Will to handle their tumultuous relationship on his own.

But after extensive work and self-reflection, Hannah returns to Gaffney Chicago Medical as a sober and much more grounded version of herself in Season 7. Since her return, many Chicago Mediterranean fans can’t wait to see if there might be a potential revival on the horizon. Are both Will and Hannah in a place where they could explore a healthier relationship? Chicago Mediterranean Season 8, Episode 7, titled “Clothes Make the Man…Or Do They?” seemed to imply that’s a distinct possibility.

Will and Hannah bump into each other Chicago Mediterranean

Hannah has been working hard since her return to the Mediterranean. Not only did she have her hands full of patients, but Season 8 also explored her struggle to redefine herself and escape her reputation. Will and Hannah easily fell back into friendship, even briefly being neighbors at one point. But it seems that with each passing episode, the platonic nature of their relationship is put to the test.

Never has Will and Hannah’s friendship status been tested more than in Episode 7, when the two had to work together closer than ever. The episode begins with Gaffney Medical facing a shortage of clean scrubs and ER nurses after Dr. Vanessa Taylor (Asjha Cooper) is discharged, forcing Hannah and Will to visit the thrift store to pick up sterile work clothes. . Before leaving, Will had a chat with Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) about his relationship with Hannah, which he says is platonic.

“If you say so,” smiles Dr. Choi, probably echoing many Medium fan thoughts while watching.

When Will and Hannah return to the hospital, they are immediately thrown back into the action when a van arrives carrying a pregnant woman named Maya. After briefly getting into the van to assess Maya and usher her into the building, the driver quickly leaves. During a C-section later, Maya suddenly begins an overdose. The problem? Maya insists that she did not use any drugs during her pregnancy. It is revealed that Maya’s driver was arrested shortly after the hospital for transporting synthetic opioids. Maya, Will and Hannah were all exposed.

As Hannah handles the exposition well, she finds Will collapsed on the floor in the middle of an overdose. Hannah resuscitates him and insists they both decontaminate each other. It’s time to go to the showers. Together. As the couple enter the locker room, Will tells Hannah she can go first, but is quickly closed.

“I’m not losing sight of you,” Hannah insisted, while undressing. “Oh come on, what’s the deal? How many times have we seen each other naked?”

The former flames then undressed and entered the showers, and Will didn’t seem too uncomfortable about it. Hannah even feels comfortable enough to rub Will’s back, like a married couple. While Will may have already tried to seize a platonic friendship with Hannah, the shower situation quickly dragged Will down.

This is crazy, thought Hannah. “We are back where we started.”

“What do you mean?” Will asked, doing his best to look away.

“Well, when we first met,” Hannah explained. “You narcansait me.”

“I guess we’re even,” Will said with a smile.

“It is not necessary to keep score.”

In Episode 7, fans witnessed how far Hannah has come. Not only does Hannah successfully perform an Uno-reverse by retrieving Will, but in the final moments of the episode she proves how much she appreciates her sobriety after a day of exposure.

After checking that Maya and the baby are okay, Will approached Hannah with that telltale smile fans might recognize from seasons 5 and 6 of Chicago Mediterranean.

“Are you hungry?” Will asked. “There’s this great new burrito stand on Lake.”

“I think I’ll try to have a meeting on the way home,” Hannah explained. “Just to be on the safe side. You are more than welcome if you wish.”

Will smiles and declines the invitation, explaining that he’s convinced he’ll never touch things after their experience together. The two smitten doctors then shared a passionate moment before saying goodnight, with the tension between the two palpable. Hannah may have turned Will down, but not out of a lack of interest in spending time together.

Seeing Hannah prove herself to her colleagues is rewarding for everyone Chicago Mediterranean fans rooted for the doctor’s success. Hannah understands her limitations, and while she certainly seems more flirtatious around Will in recent episodes, she’s not afraid to share those feelings to prioritize her sobriety. The Downfall of Wannah (Aalstead? Hill? Hasher?) In previous seasons, Hannah didn’t have those priorities, but she proves throughout Season 8 that she no longer needs a savior.

Does this mean she and Will are ready to redefine their relationship? Find out by watching Chicago Mediterranean Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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