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Downtown Waterville consignment shop moves to Portland

WATERVILLE, Maine – A consignment store in downtown Waterville is preparing to close after more than a decade in business and relocate to Portland.

Madlyn’s new and used consignment shop opened in 2010 and leased space under L. Tardif Jeweler, a local business on Main Street. The store moved a few doors down to 42 Main Street in 2012 and has been there ever since, owner Melissa Holmwood said.

Madlyn’s is moving to 38 Market St. in Portland because the owners of the Waterville building did not renew the consignment shop’s lease, she said. Holmwood also lives in Falmouth and is a mother of three, including a 6-month-old, so trying to run the business somewhere else in Waterville doesn’t make the most sense at the moment, she said .

Madlyn’s new and used consignment store is leaving Main Street during a major revitalization of downtown Waterville, the first phase of which ends in November. But Holmwood believes the store’s new location in the bustling Old Port area will bring steady foot traffic from nearby restaurants and shops. Customers and regulars in the Waterville area can continue to shop and participate in online auctions.

Nearby, the L. Tardif jewelry store, in business since 1935, is also closing its doors and several “For Rent” signs are plastered on the windows of Main Street stores. Others are drawn to Waterville for the changes, like the Wild Clover Cafe and Market, which is slated to open on Silver Street once renovations are complete.

Don and Irene Plourde — husband and wife owners of Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate in Waterville — bought the building that houses the consignment store about two years ago, Don Plourde said. The space needs considerable updating, so when the studio’s lease ended, the Plourdes decided not to renew it and will focus on wiring, heating and other improvements, he said. -he declares.

There are no immediate plans to start a new business as updates will take some time.

Madlyn’s new and used consignment store in downtown Waterville is moving to Portland. (Valerie Royzman / BDN)

Moving her boutique isn’t something Holmwood wanted, but it’s something she’s learned to accept, she said. Madlyn’s last day of work will be December 17.

Portland’s new storefront has a fun vibe and is surrounded by a large population living within a one-mile radius, she said.

“We have always had great community support [and] different and amazing things,” Holmwood said of her longtime boutique. “Because none of us have the same things in our closets or jewelry boxes. We usually have a variety of items.

Madlyn’s, which sells men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and footwear, as well as home decor items, is named after Holmwood’s grandmother. Holmwood also had a store in Skowhegan, open from 2016 to 2020.

“My grandmother had 10 children and my mother was the youngest,” she said. “She was always quite thrifty and tried to make her daughters happy with labels. She would have loved to see a store like this with her name on it.

The Portland store will have similar offerings, but will focus more on men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, as well as furniture and more high-quality pieces, as the store is smaller than the one in Waterville, said Holmwood. It will still have $1 sales and clearance space, as well as shipping and pickup options for customers.

Madlyn’s hasn’t announced an opening date for the Portland store, but the company is aiming for early November. For more information, visit Madlyn’s New and Used Consignment Shop at Facebook.

“I will miss the community, our customers and our employees, all those friendships and the time you spend with people,” she said. ” It is going to be difficult. We’ve been in business for 12 years, so we’ll try another 12.