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Eco Reps Holds Annual Campus Sustainability Day – The Rider News

By Olivia Nicoletti

Clothing swap, do-it-yourself recycling bin, tie-dye shirts and giveaways: The Office of Sustainability had another hit on Sustainability Day on Oct. 20 on Campus Green in front of Cranberry’s.

This day was in promotion of National Campus Sustainability Day, meaning it was an event that went beyond just Rider’s campus. Rider participated alongside other college campuses across the country, according to sustainability director Melissa Greenberg.

There was no doubt that this event would take off once again this year, but Greenberg echoed that sentiment, saying, “It’s been a really positive vibe; everyone seems to be enjoying it and the weather is just beautiful.

There was a plethora of tables lining Cranberry’s patio where different organizations represented their reason for supporting sustainability.

Each year, the barter of clothes is eagerly awaited by the students. The swap, also known as a pop-up thrift store, is set up to promote “donating clothes and getting used clothes instead of new ones,” according to environmental science student Madison Beucler.

Juliette Manners, a second-year musical theater student, hosted the Broadway Green Alliance table where she promoted sustainability in musical theatre, plays, operas, dance and all other performance areas.

The alliance supports measures such as using a QR code instead of multiple attendance sheets during rehearsals and encouraging recycling campaigns for stage makeup and electronics.

Manners said, “Our biggest goal right now is to turn off all of our lights in all of the theaters to LED to save that energy because it will make a huge difference over time.”

The idea is to continue to keep sustainability in mind when working on productions at Rider.

“It could be a cast member, it could be someone on the crew, a stage manager, a costume designer – anyone involved in the production just reminding people to use reusable water bottles, reminding people to pick up their hairpins instead of throwing them in the trash and stuff like that,” Manners said. “A little goes a long way.”

The Transfer Student Association had white t-shirts with the slogan “Rider Ready” so that students who transferred to Rider could dye their own shirts.

Their involvement in the event was part of National Transfer Student Week which ran from October 17-21.

The Eco Reps had a station dedicated to making mini recycling bins for student rooms in hopes they would start separating their trash before taking it out.

“There are a lot of people on campus and they just have their trash can in their dorm and they end up throwing all their recyclables out, but now you can make your own trash can and then we’ll take out your trash cans, you can bring your trash recyclable as well,” according to Eco Rep and environmental science junior Ashley Murphy.

Greenberg recognized that this event was more than just promoting sustainability, she said, “It’s also an opportunity to talk to students about sustainability in general. Encourage them to participate in our programs, inform them of the various initiatives we have underway and give them the chance to have face-to-face meetings with our eco-representatives. »

By the middle of the event, Greenberg had already seen that many people had signed up for the affiliate program, she saw many people making their own recycling bins and taking clothes from the Swap Shop.

The Eco Reps continue to host campus events and they are excited to promote upcoming beach sweeps and campus events to help promote sustainability to students.

Originally printed in the 10/26/22 issue.