Consignment shop

From the Remoov technology-based pickup service comes Miami’s new The Local Flea

Calling all home stewards! Miami has a new consignment store and showroom and it’s a wealth of things you’ll want in your home.

Miami-based decluttering service The Local Flea To deletestocks used furniture and decor that you can buy online or IRL in its 10,000 square foot warehouse in Doral (7457 NW 55th St). Unlike regular thrift stores, its curated inventory includes items that Remoov’s experts sort through and select for resale. In other words, these aren’t the items they choose to recycle or throw away after sorting through their customers’ homes.

Photography: The Local Flea

The tech-based pickup service uses an algorithm to determine an item’s value before adding it to its collection, which means everything is checked and in great condition. From well-known brands to one-of-a-kind vintage finds, you’ll find pieces for your home up to 90% off retail prices. Think affordable and sustainable. And the best part? Everything is in stock and ready to take home, which you probably can’t say about the West Elm sofa you ordered in the fall and is always out of stock.

Today might mark the official start of summer, but the local chip will have you rethinking the spring cleaning plans you’ve been putting off all season.