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Holiday Bazaar is Saturday at the Emporia-Greensville YMCA | Community

Black Friday is just a week away from the official kick off of the Christmas shopping season – except for those who begin the mad dash for gifts this Saturday at the 18th Annual Holiday Bazaar.

The Greensville County Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee event at the Family YMCA in Emporia-Greensville is an annual hit with local Christmas shoppers. The five-hour smorgasbord of holiday activities begins at 9 a.m. and lasts until 2 p.m. It’s your chance to do a lot of your holiday shopping in one place and show off to the crowds of shopkeepers as the calendar draws closer to Christmas Day.

“It’s grown every year since we started hosting the event,” said Susan Harrell, executive committee manager for the Southeast District Women’s Agricultural Bureau. “We usually have 30-35 vendors selling items like makeup, wreaths, candles. Just about anything you’re looking for, we’ll have it under one roof.

The Greensville 4H girls provide a lot of help to vendors for the Holiday Bazaar. The 4Hers help bring vendors’ goods into the building. After 5:00 p.m., the 4H support continues to transport unsold items to the sellers’ vehicles.

And the children? They will have plenty of activities in place to keep them busy. A Craft Corner is set up for children. Santa Claus will be on hand at 9 a.m. with a photographer to capture the Christmas spirit as the holiday season kicks into high gear. Ole’ St. Nick will be staying until 1 p.m. to receive this Christmas wish list and fill the YMCA with Christmas spirit.

The Holiday Bazaar itself is about kids. Proceeds raised by the nonprofit Greensville County Farm Bureau Women’s Steering Committee go to the nonprofit Ag in the Classroom program and the Family YMCA. Ag in the Classroom, or VITC, is a program that teaches kids about agriculture and how farmers’ food gets to store shelves.

Five hours is a long time to browse crafts and other items for hungry shoppers. They will have time to take a break and restock. Fountain Creek women with a purpose play an important role at the bazaar selling various baked goods. Bojangles is heading lunch at the bazaar on Saturday.

Food gives this buffet addition to make the 18th Annual Greensville County Agricultural Bureau Women’s Committee Bazaar the perfect start to the 2022 Christmas shopping season. The Family YMCA of Emporia-Greensville is located at 212 Weaver Ave ., Emporia.

It’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so early holiday shoppers will be one step ahead of their gift-buying department counterparts at the 18th Annual Greensville County Farm Bureau Women’s Steering Committee Bazaar.