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I got 10 items for just $3.50 at Dollar General – find out how to save big this week

A COUPON expert has revealed exactly how she got 10 items for just $3.50 at a dollar store.

TikToker Cherish took advantage of weekly coupons at Dollar General and walked away with a massive amount of essentials after scoring tons of free items.


A savvy couponer revealed how she scored 10 items for just $3.50 at Dollar GeneralCredit: Getty
TikToker cbombnatorcoupons has picked up tons of bathroom essentials for just a few bucks


TikToker cbombnatorcoupons has picked up tons of bathroom essentials for just a few bucks1 credit

She started her journey by grabbing multiple items without paying a dime using Dollar General Any Day Deals.

The TikToker, whose username is cbombnatorcoupons, picked up a box of Vicks cough drops, a small container of Crest mouthwash and a toothbrush without spending a penny.

The rest of the items she found are necessary for any bathroom, but she got them for just pennies each.

Febreeze Small Spaces air fresheners are on sale for just $0.70, which means you can save $2.00 on every purchase, as she showed in the video.

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Cherish also found a cantu beard oil for just $0.70 after browsing through the clearance section.

Next, the thrifty pro saved $3 by buying two Herbal Essences travel size dry shampoos for just $0.50.

She scored two more travel items after using a coupon to buy Old Spice deodorants for $1.50.

Finally, Cherish got a Nivea lip balm for just $0.80 and said she only paid $3.50 plus tax for the set.

This expert advice comes as a mom revealed three secret benefits of shopping at dollar stores other than just saving money.

Mom and writer Maurie Backman shared her internet bargain expertise and why convenience, versatility, and exclusivity are all found in the aisles of your local dollar store.

Some necessities and frequent purchases are even better at the dollar store, wrote Maurie in The Motley Fool.

Whether it’s hand soap, candy, or paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels, buying these items at the dollar store can save shoppers money. and a trip to the grocery store.

“People unfamiliar with dollar stores may not realize that many of the items you commonly see on supermarket shelves are also available at dollar stores – only at a fraction of the price. “, she explained.

Large, low-cost stores like Walmart and Target are often sought after for the versatility of the products they offer.

Maurie found that dollar stores aren’t that different.

“At my local store you can buy everything from birthday cards to art supplies to pans and baking tools,” she wrote.

“As a busy working mom who is perpetually pressed for time, that’s an important thing.”

It’s no secret that a trip to the grocery store at your most desirable shopping hours can end in long lines.

At her local dollar outlet, Maurie said she never had to wait in time-consuming lines to check out.

“Certainly, I might go there at just the right time.

“But I tend to do all my shopping at once – in the morning after I drop my kids off at school.”

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His first errands always seem to have long wait times for groceries, but hardly any waits at the dollar store.

“I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes to pay at the dollar store.”