Thrift store

Illinois man reunites his family with old photos after finding them at thrift store

In June 2021, 22-year-old Greg Kozlick was looking for electronics at the local Goodwill store in Downers Grove, about 30 minutes west of Chicago.

As he searched he opened a box to find slides of about 80 old photos and a note inside that said “Sue’s Wedding”.

Looking at them through the light, he knew they were special. “Immediately my first thought was that I wanted to share them with the family and reunite them with the memories.” Kozlick told CNN.

He kept the slides until he had a chance to properly view the photos. On January 4, he found a projector in another thrift store, which he used to see the pictures on the wall of his room.
Kozlick said he took photos of the old images and posted them on a few groups in the Facebook community, hoping to find the owner.

In less than 30 minutes, he received comments from people recognizing the church and tagging family members of people in the photos.

It was then that he bumped into Sue Brose, the bride in the wedding photos.

He recognized the last name and realized that his granddaughter, Autumn Brose, was a former high school classmate. She helped him put him in touch with Sue.

On January 6, he presented the slides to Brose. “I’m a photographer, so I capture these moments all the time, so I knew they were something special.” Kozlick said.

Sue was surprised to learn that the photos had been found.

“My photos from that time are very faded, 52 years later, so it’s really special.” Brose told CNN. “Now I will be able to print new ones with better color. “

Greg and Sue going through the old slides and photos together.

Brose encountered pictures of her high school graduation in 1968, until one day she walked down the aisle in December 1969.

“I’m very sentimental like her,” Autumn told CNN. “When I saw her take the pictures, I started to have tears in my eyes.”

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Brose’s mother passed away in March 2021, so her best guess is that someone accidentally donated the box of slides while cleaning her mother’s house.

The photos also link Brose to his father, who died 11 years ago. His father took most of the the photos itself.

“It was very emotional just for me, I’m choking just telling the story,” Kozlick added, “To return them to who they belong to and because they were taken away by his late father. , she now has a piece of it. “

Brose shared that the past few months have been tough as she’s been hospitalized twice, and it was a great way to start the New Year. “To start afresh with good memories, what better gift!” Bross said.

The Brose and their wedding in a 1969 photo.

And Autumn was just as happy to find the photos. “I was very close to my great-grandfather and I have memories of looking at his old photos with him.” said fall. “It’s amazing to be back in the family! “

Kozlick has since sent in the slides for scanning, so Brose can keep them even more secure.