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I’m average height and found the perfect size 12 jeans for curvy women from Abercrombie

A MID SIZE woman has found the perfect pair of size 12 jeans from Abercrombie that are comfy and cute.

The quirky individual shared a video aimed at the curvy community featuring an in-depth review of jeans that address popular issues associated with the article of clothing.


TikTok user Kate says she found the perfect pair of size 12 jeans for womenCredit: TikTok/getittogetherkate
Kate shares her top three Abercrombie jeans for tall and curvy women with viewers


Kate shares her top three Abercrombie jeans for tall and curvy women with viewersCredit: TikTok/getittogetherkate

TikTok user Kate, also known as @getittogetherkate on the platform, lets her fun side front and center in a tryout video where she tells viewers about her favorite pairs of jeans that are fan-approved. curvy girls.

According to the woman’s biography on the platform, much of her social content is about “true feminine aesthetics,” consisting of size 12 clothing, body-positive visuals, insight into her professional life, and more. .

In the Tiktok video, the average-sized woman tries on four pairs of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans she likes for curvy women, testing out features like their length, waist width, and fit quality, among others.

She makes the tone of her message even clearer in the video’s appropriate caption which reads “people who don’t like jeans just haven’t found comfortable ones.”

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In an effort to provide transparency regarding size and fit, Kate shares that she is a height 12 and 5’11” with a 44″ hip and a 32″ waist.

The first style she shows viewers is the $100 Curve Love Low Rise 90s Baggy Jean in Black Destroy which she says is “super comfy, super stretchy” and is also a “sitting jean.”

She then adds that she got them in a size 32 instead of her normal 31 in the fashion business because she wanted them to feel a little looser on her body shape.

The next piece she features is the High Rise 90s Lightweight Denim Relaxed Jeans, $89, in a size 32, which she says are the best jeans ever and are her “number one” choice.

“They absolutely make the booty pop,” she says, turning her back to the camera and slapping her ass.

The digital designer then moves on to the third pair of jeans, which are not from Abercrombie but actually Wranger brand jeans found at her local thrift store.

“Those are Wranglers from the thrift store, the men’s department. They make the loot sag a bit, but I don’t care,” she says.

She uses this time to offer some shopping tips and encourages viewers to “check out the men’s section” if they’re having trouble fitting into jeans or finding their respective size at a thrift store.

Kate brings her attention back to Abercrombie by showing off the latest pair of jeans in her trial, the $90 High Rise Loose Jean, in a size 32 and dark wash, which she says she loves for its comfortable sitting ability.

The size 12 tall woman’s comment was well received by viewers and many left positive stories about the video.

“Yes, big curvy girls unite,” one viewer commented.

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“I was influenced,” added another user.

“Thank you for your service,” another shared online.

The digital designer also shares that wranglers are great jeans to buy in the thrift store in the men's department.


The digital designer also shares that wranglers are great jeans to buy in the thrift store in the men’s department.Credit: TikTok/getittogetherkate