Thrift store

Inflation blows up second-hand clothing stores

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Prices for goods are still higher than many would like and that has led local thrift stores and clothing resale stores to see a boom in customer numbers.

Birmingham’s Salvation Army family-owned thrift stores have seen a 45% increase in sales over the past 18 months. sergeant. Lee Hammonds said he believed the increase was linked to inflation and the pandemic, with more people trying to cut spending.

Sozo Trading Company in Avondale saw sales increase 35% over last year. They said it was because of inflation, the growing popularity of thrift, and an emphasis on higher quality items.

But the stores do more than offer gently used clothing and furniture. They can also give you tax relief when you donate and benefit the community and work team.

“The men in our rehab centers, when we get these items, they prepare them to be produced and they go to our stores during the work therapy part of our rehab program,” Sgt. said Hammonds. “Then he goes to the store and someone buys it and it saves him money. Then they get it for their family and the product of it goes to the very men who produced it.

Hammonds said they always accept donations and money from thrift stores is how they fund the rehabilitation program.


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