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Just Play launches Art Squad, a new range of Art-Meets-Fashion dolls

just playa world toy leader announces the release of the brand new line of fashion dolls, Artistic Squad. The collection includes four 10-inch-tall Art Squad dolls that each feature a unique fashion and art activity, including painting, printmaking, beading, and stenciling. With included arts and crafts supplies, craft activities, and coloring clothes and accessories, Art Squad Dolls provides a canvas for kids to express their creativity and self-expression.

As a frame-breaking entry into the doll aisle, Art Squad combines modern, highly stylish fashion doll play with the growing trend of DIY arts and crafts, as evidenced by the TikTok tags # DIYCRAFT (2.4 billion views) and #TIKTOKArt (12 billion views). With four distinct styles, there’s a doll and craft for every type of emerging artist. Kids can customize their doll’s outfit and accessories, as well as create colorful works of art for themselves, with the included craft kits.

First sold exclusively at CAMP, The Family Experience Company, Art Squad dolls are now available for pre-sale on Amazon, followed by an August rollout at Target. The dolls were unveiled on July 1 at CAMP, on the social media channel, @ArtSquad_Official, and will be showcased this week at two private events for media and influencers.

“Art Squad was created based on ideas that girls desire expanded play and love the customization made possible by art+ activities. The unique design aesthetic and attention to detail highlights the passion that our incredibly talented design team has put into creating this line,” said Bridget Russo, Senior Vice President of Product Development.

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