Consignment shop

Looking to cut wedding costs? Buy a wedding dress on consignment

Wedding consignment shops are seeing an increase in options after COVID changed many couples’ wedding plans.

INDIANAPOLIS — Daniela Pretorius knows the value of a dollar. That’s why she doesn’t spend them all on a wedding dress.

“The dresses I was looking at were around $2,000,” Pretorius said. “That’s a lot of money for a dress I’ll only wear once.”

After visiting a boutique or two, she decided to check out consignment bride at Shop Retulled in Indianapolis.

There she found a dress for a fraction of the price.

“It was a wedding dress that someone bought and maybe she got a different dress? Or maybe it was a COVID wedding, and the wedding never happened? So , I’m wearing a dress that’s never been worn before.”

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The person who consigned the dress even threw away her veil for free, bringing Pretorius’ total to around $1,300.

Amy Bonham owns Retulled Boutique and said the boutique is split by budget. There is a dedicated room for dresses $250 and under, $800 and under, over $800.

“If the dress hasn’t been worn or altered, it should cost around 70% of its original retail price paid,” Bonham said. “If they wore the dress (or) had it altered, it should cost around 50% of its original price paid,” Bonham said.

If you are the seller, you get 50% of the sale price of the dress. Bonham added that COVID had also impacted their selection.

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“We received a lot of dresses that were bought and never worn. By the time people rescheduled weddings, they were looking for something different, or they went ahead and ran away.”

Another store that sells sample dresses in the Indy area is Luxury Redux in Large Ripple. If you’re thinking of a specific designer, try