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Nobody’s got the blues, just a good time, at the 35th Bethlehem Blueberry Festival – The Morning Call

Bethlehem’s 35th anniversary Blueberry Festival & Market To Go kicked off Saturday at Burnside Plantation, with patches of blueberries lining the festival grounds and historic barns in the background.

The two-day festival features an 18th-century Moravian farmhouse with historic barns, a colonial vegetable patch and a pollinator garden. Attendees were able to browse handicrafts, listen to local musicians, and enjoy pony rides and blueberry pie tasting contests.

The festival also hosted a variety of blueberry-themed merchandise, including blueberry pie-themed candles and soaps from Purrfect Handcrafted Soaps, owned by Diane K. Weitknecht of Allentown.

“I love selling my products at festivals like the Blueberry Festival because you can engage and meet so many people who have traveled far and wide to attend,” Weitknecht said. “I especially love creating specific scents for festivals, like my Blueberry Pie scented candles, which look and smell exactly like freshly baked blueberry pie.”

Other festival highlights include blueberry infused liquor, blueberry ice cream, blueberry cheeses and, of course, blueberry pies.

Marie Reiner, owner and baker of The Bake-A-Re, and four-time Blueberry Festival vendor, sold a variety of blueberry desserts, including blueberry kiffle with vegan and gluten-free options. Reiner said she loves baking blueberry desserts because of their unique flavor profile.

“I think blueberries can sometimes be an overlooked flavor, but I think they’re a great flavor option because they’re both sweet and tart without being overly sweet, which I think makes it perfect for desserts,” Reiner said.

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The festival was also filled with activities for children, including reading to dogs, petting zoos, coloring activities and colonial dress-up games.

Kristina Dobrick from Allentown brought her husband and twin children to the festival and said it was a great family bonding activity.

“The kids loved looking at the garden and they really enjoyed all the desserts and activities the festival threw for them,” Dobrick said. “I think especially if you have young children, you should definitely attend this festival because there are so many fun activities and it’s really wonderful for the whole family.”

Proceeds from the festival will be used to support and maintain historic sites and museums in Bethlehem.

Kathy Gray from Bethlehem, another festival attendee, said she thinks it’s important to support the historic community of Bethlehem and that the festival is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some good food.

“I always like to support the historic community of Bethlehem, and festivals like these are really cool because you can enjoy great food and it’s especially nice to get out of the house after we’ve all been stuck inside for so long,” Gray said. .

The festival continues on Sunday.