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Obituary: Grant Adams | Obituary

From an early age, Grant had an innate desire to find states of being that most people don’t seek until they were older and had lived a few years. This is not the case with Grant. From an early age, Grant Michael Adams longed to experience transcendence and oneness with the world and people around him. Stimulated by his experiences and natural curiosity, Grant searched for answers to the meaning of life, even as a preteen. It wasn’t until he got older that he realized he was missing one essential element: acceptance of God.

My son Grant had a free-spirited, nonconformist soul. He arrived on this planet in a heightened state of awareness, as if he knew – instinctively – that he only had a season or two to live. He knew no boundaries when it came to questioning and experiencing life. Nothing held him back when he wanted to face life on his own. Grant believed in authenticity. And so, like night follows day, Grant sought those answers with a strength of will that many people have never experienced. He lived his life with passion and with all his heart. For example, he was a self-taught graphic designer specializing in bubble graffiti art and calligraphy design.

Grant had many adventures in his life. Some rambunctious, some bittersweet. But the hand of God was still there, protecting him, bringing him to his time as a prodigal son. Once Grant realized this, his life began to change, and in true GMA fashion, he acted on that realization by taking steps to build a new future for himself.

Grant’s family, located halfway around the world in the Philippines, began to pray for Grant. Friends and family send hours of prayer petitions to the very gates of heaven in Grant’s name. Next, Grant met with his spiritual advisor, Alex. Alex took Grant under his wing and saved his life. After guiding Grant to the Union Mission Gospel Home in downtown Portland, Oregon at Third and Burnside, Grant began to grow into the man God intended him to be. He walked with Jesus there, serving the homeless and giving to those less fortunate than himself. He woke up at 4 a.m. every Wednesday to serve breakfast to local homeless people. Grant loved doing this because it allowed him to give back to the community that had given him so much. He also worked at the thrift store in the Tigard area of ​​Portland every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Mission operated the thrift store to fund and support its many community programs. He has met and developed relationships with many regular thrift shop customers and their pets. All the staff loved Grant and his fun, witty and hilarious sense of humor. He was a point and could tell jokes that could put even the grumpiest customers at ease. Every Sunday, Grant attended church services with his Mission family. And my visits usually took place after he returned from church. I treasure those memories of Sunday with Grant. We would usually have a picnic. I’d bring her favorite foods—Mexican or sushi, for example—and we’d have a great time together. Mother and son.

We updated each other on the latest events in our respective lives by telephone whenever I was out of the country. These calls were part of our regular time together. I couldn’t tell Grant often enough how much I loved him and how proud I was of his dedication to the work of helping others while living at the Mission.

Grant’s year at Union Mission was the happiest and most peaceful I have ever had with my son. He became a Christian with purpose as he walked with Jesus, serving others as he went. He was happy to know that he was making real friends who cared about him. REAL friends who became his real family. This simple act of kindness, something they do every day, put Grant in a place where God would save his soul. Scarlett and I will be forever grateful to Union Mission Gospel Center for saving our favorite brother and son.

Thank you, Father Ron Maag, for praying so many masses in Grant’s name. Thank you, Alex, for being his spiritual advisor. I thank all my friends who cried with me through the hard times and prayed with me on behalf of Grants. I would like to thank my family in the Philippines, too numerous to name. Know that Grant loved you all, especially you, Aunt Neng. He stayed in touch via text and spoke with you often. Above all, I am grateful to my daughter and Grant’s older sister, Scarlett. Thank you, Sister Scarlett, for always supporting Grant and always being his sounding board. Grant loved and adored his sister and never doubted that he could count on her for anything. In particular, Grant was incredibly grateful for Scarlett’s visits to the Mission. And on one occasion, Scarlett even brought her boyfriend with her. Parenting Grant was an incredible gift from God. I will always be grateful for this experience.

Grant taught me as much about being a human being in his short life as I have learned in all my life experiences thus far. His classes continue, even though he is no longer with us.

I love you, Grant. You and your sister Scarlett are my greatest gifts from God. You two have made my life worth living. We are apart now, but only for a short time. As you and I believe, we will meet again as God promised. You are forever in my heart. Until then, my favorite son, Grant Michael Adams – “May Blessed Mother keep you in the folds of her coat and the crossing of her arms for me until I can hold you again!”

Rest in peace; I love you. – Mom.

Invitations for a private ceremony in memory of Grant in early December are forthcoming.

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