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Renaissance Fashion Festival 101 – 5280

Every summer, thousands of people flock to a medieval village of Larkspur, where sword swallowers, maidens and palm readers appear every weekend to entertain the masses. With the Colorado Renaissance Festival Back for its 47th season this Saturday, we turned to Her Royal Highness Kristy Ekiss, Festival Operations Manager and Queen of the Kingdom (look for her at the castle gates that open each morning), for advice of commoners on putting together the perfect festival look.

Decide who you want to be

Ekiss says the first and most important step in getting into character is deciding who that character might be. Although you might think that the only era to base your outfit on is, well, the Renaissance, it’s typical to see costumes, such as medieval merchants or 18th century pirates, from earlier and later eras . Moreover, the Renaissance Festival is not exactly the place to stick to reality. “Fairies, goblins, wizards and elves are all welcome,” says Ekiss.

Consider the conditions

Sure, that pair of heeled boots looks cute on the shelf, but think how you’ll feel strolling through the unpaved village on a sweltering July day. “People don’t think about comfortable shoes, but our courts are huge and supportive shoes are so important,” says Ekiss. For clothing, the Queen recommends sticking to breathable fabrics like linen and cotton: “You really don’t want to be here on a hot polyester day.”

Turn to social media for inspiration

A number of local cosplayers and costume designers showcase their outfits on social media, meaning you can get inspiration just by scrolling. Lauren Stewart—@lauren.does.cosplay on TikTok – teaches his 750,000 followers how to put together the perfect vibe-based outfit (think: monochromatic, chainmail, or outfits straight out of The Hobbit). While on the platform, search @stormsorceress, a local cosplayer who dresses in everything from knightly armor to delicate elven attire. For more masculine looks, discover @archuleta_designs on Instagram; the Latino-owned costume design boutique specializes in ensembles that will leave even the costume team of game of thrones In admiration.

Compare the prices

It’s a 45-minute drive from Denver to Larkspur, and with gas prices at record highs, most of us peasants probably don’t have a lot of cash to spend on ready-made gear. to work. Fear not, the Queen says: “If you can find a voluminous skirt or off-the-shoulder blouse at your local Goodwill, you’re halfway there.” (Looking for a more masculine look? Look for flowy pants that will work like pants.) If you can’t find any treasures at Goodwill and Arc, try one of Denver’s many local consignment stores, such as Globeville’s. Economy Peak Where Consignment of rags at Cherry Creek. From there, accessorize at a real costume shop. Ekiss likes South Broadway Crimson Rose Masquerade, where you can find capes, corsets, masks and hoods. A few kilometers from the road, the Wizard Chest is a crowd favorite, especially for those bringing little ones, as the store offers wizarding capes, pirate sashes and princess dresses for all ages. For those fearful of commitment, Lakewood’s costumes is a costume store that lets you rent outfits from its massive inventory.

Support the Festival clothing vendors

If you’re still stumped and have gold to spare, Ekiss suggests just waiting to buy an outfit at the festival. The Queen’s favorites among the dozens of vendors on site include Unicorn Clothes, a California vendor that has featured its wares, including dresses, blouses and bloomers, at the festival for nearly its entire history. Ekiss also recommends Leather Miles Tons, a shop that makes vests and bustiers from by-products of the food industry, such as hides and skins that meat distributors don’t want. “You’ll find everything from generic Robin Hood-style capes to $3,000 queen dresses,” says Ekiss. There is a complete list of vendors on the Renaissance Festival websiteand although many have online shops, there’s nothing better than browsing in person, perhaps after a leg of turkey and some liquid courage in the form of a cup of mead.

If you are going to: The Colorado Renaissance Festival, located at 650 Perry Park Avenue in Larkspur, operates weekends from June 18 to August 7 this year. To buy tickets on line (check the schedule for special themed weekends, such as Wine Revelry and Pirate Invasion) or at the door.