Consignment shop

Runway Angels Helps You Look Like A Million Dollars While Helping Others

ADA, Michigan — Breathe new life into your old clothes while helping a good cause!

Runway Angels is a new West Michigan consignment store that only does one outfit at a time.

Co-owner Wendy Rodriguez tells us the shop works to build their community and make you feel like a million bucks.

“I like consignment because every day is like Christmas for us, because we never know what’s going to happen,” Rodriguez tells us.

The Ada consignment has inclusive sizes with everything to compose your wardrobe.

“We have something for everyone.” Rodriguez said. “We have two unique rooms here, we have a more casual room. And then we also have a more formal room, with dresses and vintage too.

As each season fades, the clothes change within the Runway Angel, but the items that don’t sell have yet another extended lifespan.

“We donate our articles to In the Image,” says Rodriguez. “And they provide free clothing and basic necessities to those in need.”

No clothes to lose, rather proof those who need it most while reusing and recycling your once-loved items. Community building doesn’t stop there – Runway Angels is committed to making it easy to check in if you need help.

“We’re actually going to walk into someone’s house and help them declutter,” says Stacey Chalfoun, co-owner of Runway Angels. “So it could be someone who has so much stuff they are overwhelmed. Or we have even helped some people who have lost a loved one who needs the clothes removed”

It’s a fashionista’s dream to shop through many closets and build up a unique wardrobe.

“Our best times here are when we’re able to pick an outfit, style someone on a budget, and make them look like a million dollars,” Chalfoun tells us.

In addition to their daily working hours, Runway Angels is one of the shopping destinations participating in Ada’s Women’s Night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, September 16.