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Second-Hand Fashion Influencers | Fashion POPSUGAR

At this point, there is room on the internet for all types of fashion lovers. If you’re looking to shop more sustainably and affordably, you’ve probably found yourself scrolling through hundreds of videos of people running through thrift stores and consignment stores around the world, finding great fashion at low prices. This special corner of social media (sometimes called “ThriftTok”) is filled with creative and sustainability-minded people showcasing their latest thrift store finds.

From a fashion inspiration standpoint, it’s an antidote to the fast-paced fashion runs that make up millions of videos. These thrifty designers not only champion personal style through one-of-a-kind finds, but also offer a fast fashion alternative that has the potential to change the way we think about clothes and the way we shop.

While it’s certainly a great option, saving can be daunting. When you walk into a huge store full of lockers and shelves of clothes, it’s hard to know where to start. The key is patience and a keen eye. Most of what you see won’t suit you, and that’s okay. But if you start your shopping experience with an idea of ​​what you need, take the time to check the condition of the garments, note the brand, and think about how often you will wear the garment again, then you will have a much easier time. That’s exactly what these creators are trying to teach their audiences with their videos on TikTok and Instagram – and it works.

What is savings?

Fashion thrift shopping can be done through online shopping or at flea markets or thrift stores. Savings are usually about hunting and, of course, discounts. Unlike some vintage or consignment shopping, where finders select and sell their own finds for a markup, saving is all about discovery. Most social media thrift creators scour stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, estate sales, or local flea markets to get their amazing pieces.

To give you inspiration for your own savings journey, we found five sustainable fashion designers and asked them all how they find the best second-hand fashion. Scroll down for their tips.