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Superior Shop aims to repatriate arts and crafts supplies – Superior Telegram

SUPERIOR – A Superior store focused on arts, crafts and sustainability opened on Monday, August 1 in the former Campus Barber Shop space, 709 Belknap St.

Reclaim Creative Reuse, sandwiched between A&W Family Restaurant and Champion’s Lounge, is an arts and crafts store that operates like a thrift store. The company slogan is “where creativity meets sustainability”.

Beads and buttons in various colors and sizes are waiting to be discovered at Reclaim Creative Reuse, 709 Belknap St., on Tuesday, August 2.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

“Everything here is donated, used,” said owner Marie Williams of Superior.

Items are sold at reduced prices in small quantities, so artisans can buy just the amount they need. Customers looking for a few stamps, a handful of beads to turn into a necklace, leaf scrapbook paper, silk flowers or sewing patterns may find what they are looking for in the new store.

The company accepts donations of craft supplies from the community, with a 10% discount offered to customers who donate at least one grocery bag full of items. The goal is to repatriate unused crafting materials that are in good condition so they don’t end up in the landfill or accumulate in a drawer.

“I mean, if you have it, you won’t use it. Our focus here is definitely sustainability and making sure the items get to someone who is going to use them,” Williams said.

Most of the items in the Tuesday, August 2 shop came from the owner’s home. She sews clothes for herself and loves paper crafts like decorating books.

“It’s my personal horde of shopaholics that I bought or, you know, given to me and had no use for,” Williams said with a laugh. “That’s where we start.”

080522.N.ST.Reclaim display.JPG
Owner Marie Williams is hosting a back-to-school display at Reclaim Creative Reuse, a new arts and crafts store in Superior, on Tuesday, August 2. Customers can expect seasonal exhibits to appear in the store, which offers discounts for donations.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

The idea for the store came from her background in craftsmanship and her desire to shop small.

“I just thought there had to be a way to get arts and crafts supplies other than the big box stores,” she said.

A Google search led her to information about the creative reuse movement, something that resonated with Williams, who grew up in Culver, Minnesota.

“It’s really ingrained in me to reuse, so it’s always been important to me,” she said.

Williams said the shop can provide artisans in Superior and Douglas County with a resource a little closer to home than Duluth. A back area of ​​the store is being transformed into a space where classes can be held.

“We live here, so having him here meant a lot to us,” Williams said.

This is the first business the female superior has started, but it fits well with her interests and background. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Higher in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in art history with a minor in business. His store is right across from campus, a short walk from students.

“I took art classes there and I know what it’s like, so hopefully they can find some resources here,” Williams said.

080522.N.ST.Reclaim flowers.JPG
Flowers bring a splash of color at Reclaim Creative Reuse, 709 Belknap St., on Tuesday, August 2.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

The shop currently employs two people, Williams and her husband, Eric. It’s a part-time job for both of them, but they hope it will turn into a full-time small business.

Reclaim Creative Reuse is open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday to Friday and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. A grand opening celebration will be held at 1 p.m. on Sunday, August 7, featuring cupcakes from Twisted Pastries Coffeehouse.

Donations can be dropped off whenever the store is open. Items must be in good or unused condition. The store accepts the following items: glue, tape, ribbons, paper, pens, pencils, markers, paint, brushes, sketchbooks, notebooks, journals, canvas, stamps, ink, flowers, stickers, felt, fabric, thread, needles, zippers, buttons, scissors, pins, rulers, patterns, rips, thimbles, machine patterns, threads, hooks, needles, stitch markers, blocking mats and other sewing items.

For more information or a full list of items the store can and cannot accept, visit the Reclaim Creative Reuse Facebook page or call 715-718-2105.

080522.N.ST.Reclaim outside.JPG
Marie Williams stands outside Reclaim Creative Reuse, a new arts and crafts thrift store at 709 Belknap Street on Tuesday, August 2.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

080522.N.ST.Retrieve Scope.JPG
Owner Marie Williams adds items to a sticker exhibit at Reclaim Creative Reuse, 709 Belknap St. on Tuesday, August 2. The new business is an arts and crafts store that operates like a thrift store, with discounts offered for donations.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram