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Sydney couple launch second-hand clothes market, ReHomed

A dedicated online marketplace has been launched where users can find and buy second-hand clothes and accessories. The brainchild of Sydney-based couple Rogan and Kim Carroll, the ReHomed Clothing Marketplace not only aims to breathe new life into second-hand clothing, but also to solve the problem of waste generated by the fashion industry.

Recent research has found that the average person is buying 60% more clothes today than 15 years ago, but consumers are keeping those clothes for only half as long as they used to. As a result, these garments end up in landfills, eventually contributing 10% of global carbon emissions each year.

Given the growing environmental awareness of a growing number of consumers, ReHomed seeks to tap into this segment of the market. At the same time, it is looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of second-hand clothing sales in other parts of the world. According to US consignment store group ThredUp, second-hand clothing resale has grown 21 times faster than clothing retail over the past three years.

ReHomed guarantees that clothing items offered for sale on the market, although used, are more than often used once or twice with many items not even worn, with tags still attached. Customers are assured of the quality of the clothes presented in the store.

While typical marketplaces tend to be “local” with pickup by default, which causes issues with face-to-face transactions, ReHomed aims to make transactions simpler and less hassle through post-delivery tracking. by default.

“I’ve been told a lot of stories about being scammed or being forced to sell at a discount on pickup using Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace,” said Rogan Carroll, co- founder of ReHomed Clothing. “ReHomed does not have this problem because the price is set, accepted, and not received by the seller until the tracked item is received.”